Wednesday, September 07, 2005

2 large comfy cloth-covered sofas + matching chair: Saratoga 95070

There are two sofas and a matching chair covered in a beige pattern. One sofa is in good condition, the other sofa has one seat pad where the material is missing, and the chair has a big rip in the back of the seat pad. However, there is also a big roll of extra material so these problems can be corrected by someone who has the upholtering/sewing talent.

Each couch is 7 1/2' by 3 1/2'. The chair is a square 3 1/2' by 3 1/2'.

FYI one of my dogs chewed up the furniture. I now have a doggy gate but the horse is out of the barn.

No one can help you load up your SUV/truck. You will have to bring your own assistants.

Please... read the following before asking for the items.
1) Preference will be given to the person who can come the quickest and take them all
2) You must tell me when you will come to pick them up. If you do not show up then the items are forfeited and given to the next person.
3) To ask for the items send me an email with WHEN you will come to pick them up
4) 1 person will be put on the waiting list. Once the items are taken with 1 person on waiting list this post will say "taken"

sofa in good condition Posted by Picasa

sofa with missing material on one seat also has a rip in the back however there is a large roll of xtra material Posted by Picasa

chair has rip in the back of the seat Posted by Picasa

roll of extra materia it's in a protective plastic bagl Posted by Picasa


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